munchman: J.J. Abrams is Adapting an Unproduced Rod Serling Script for TV – Yikes!


Bad news, fans of Rod Serling, excellence in television, and just plain coherent storytelling. Looks like J.J. Abrams, Master of the Not Fully Thought Through Obvious in Film and its partner, Not Full Thought Through Muddiness in TV, has made a deal with Rod Serling’s estate to turn Rod’s unproduced screenplay, THE STOPS ALONG THE WAY, into a TV mini-series.

To us, this is pathetic. Like entrusting a TV version of any Shakespeare play to whatever moron it is who created/writes/produces HOT IN CLEVELAND.

According to myriad publicity releases (What? They’re proud that a guy who hires writers like Orci & Kurtzman is trashing the greatest television writer of all time?), the screenplay was always envisioned as a mini-series and was one of the Rodman’s “favorite pieces,” a project that Abrams has wanted to destroy put his vile stamp on be a part of “for some time….”

One bright spot: Although J.J. now has the rights, there’s no broadcast or cable network deal in place yet. So maybe, just maybe, like its parent script, the abomination we expect won’t actually explode onto our screens like…oh, hell, I’m sick of coming up with synonyms for crap. Outta here…