munchman: iPad App and CBS in the Same Sentence? Really?

CBS Connect

I’m young and naive, so a lot of things connected with showbiz awe me. As awesomeness goes, though, this is right at the top.

It seems that CBS has something called CBS Connect, which is a “social hub” aggregating Twitter and Facebook posts about CBS shows, and which lets fans chat live with each other and CBS stars. And now the network has added an iPad app for said hub.

It’s a solid, well-functioning app that does just what it’s supposed to with a minimum of fuss, and for those who are big CBS watchers its awesomeness is right out there…and very cool.


We’re talking about an iPad app here, gang. For CBS, AKA The Geriatric Network. A network with the oldest viewer demographic in TV. In other words, a demographic that doesn’t use iPads and would never use an app even if they did. The demo that’s constantly being mocked as technologically challenged at best.

So what does this mean? Will the CBS Connect app fail miserably because the content and the technology are incompatible? Or does CBS Boss (and, yes, we’re using “Boss” in the video game sense here) Les Moonves know something the followers of conventional wisdom don’t?

Specifically, can it be that Les knows that his network’s audience of oldsters isn’t as enfeebled as the nerds keep saying? That the war between over-40 year olds and tech is a myth? That our parents and grandparents know more than we think?

In its never-ending search for truth, TVWriter™ is going to keep its eye on what happens here and let you know. Or maybe we won’t have to. You’ll get the message yourself from the explosion that occurs if Our Fearsomely Aging Leader, LB, discovers that his archenemy, the Mooner, isn’t just singing along with LB’s anti-ageism song, but proving it’s right, and making a fortune as a result.

The old rock-and-a-hard-place routine. I love it. How about you, LB?

Stay tuned.