munchman: Are You a Jim Carrey Fan?

Truth to tell, the last time yours truly went all, “Whoa, Jim Carrey is so fucking talented, so damn cool,” was right after I saw THE MASK. Since then…oof, it’s been like watching a public nervous breakdown.

But today, lads ‘n’ lassies, your friendly neighborhood muncher is here to tell you that I’ve changed my tune. Jim Carrey really is the damn genius some folks make him out to be. Well, either he is or the people who put together his website are, cuz JimCarrey.Com, his official site is…hey it’s spectacular, is what it is. And weird.

Sooo damn weird.

I’d tell you all about it, but these are the interwebs so why do that when all you have to do is CLICK HERE FOR JIM CARREY’S MAGICAL MYSTERY PLACE and you’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and whatever you do when you get there, keep on clicking. Cuz as any 8-year-old will tell you, clicking’s where it’s at. (And make sure the sound is on. Just sayin’.)

Lemme know whatcha think. Is the site really totally boggling, or am I just way too stoned to be trying to write right now?