MTV’s Going All Netflix on Our Binge-Viewing Butts!

And we love ’em for it.

MTV Boasts Binge-Viewing App Plans For New ‘Wait Til Next Year’
by The Deadline Team

mtv-logo-tvwriter.comMTV last week announced that it has become the first network to pre-release an entire season of a series exclusively on an app.

Viewers can watch all 12 episodes of the new docu-drama Wait ‘Til Next Year via the MTV app — available on iPhone, iPad and Xbox 360 for Xbox Live Gold members in the U.S. — a week before its TV premiere Friday, November 1 at 8 PM ET/PT. 

Wait ‘Til Next Year follows one season on and off the football field for the Lincoln Park Railsplitters, a team that’s lost 43 consecutive games over the course of a 5-year losing streak. it centers on the players, cheerleaders, parents and fans who are all on a collective mission to do the one thing no one expects them to do: win.

This marks the latest experiment by Viacom Music and Logo Group aimed at providing exclusive content within its brand apps.

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Hope this new series is better than all the crap MTV’s had on the air for, oh, the last decade or so.

But even if it sucks, this is a portent of far greater power. At a minimum, we want to say, “Sorry, broadcast networks, but your end times are here.”  Or to put it another way, the whole old-timey television viewing and business paradigms are so D-E-A-D.