Mike Gold: Oh, Time-Lord! Abuse Me! Abuse Me!

Evil forces well-meaning meddlers people who just don’t get how the entertainment business works Some well-intentioned but probably all-too-naive folks have been accusing DOCTOR WHO of racial discrimination, and this has really upset a lot of, um, other folks. Here’s a good introduction to the current firestorm:

by Mike Gold

Gold Art 130529 Mike Gold: Oh, Time Lord! Abuse Me! Abuse Me!Yeah, I’m gonna get political on your ass. Pop culture and politics; gasoline and fire.

I do not know which is worse: the self-victimization that we call being “politically correct” or the rampant naval-snorting of the cloistered elite. I do know there’s a book coming out this August calledDoctor Who And Race, and it couldn’t be more full of shit if it had been printed on toilet paper.

Here’s the bird’s-eye lowdown on the book: a bunch of narcissistic holy-holy academicians got together to prove they are smarter than you are by writing a whole bunch of essays that definitively declare the 50-year old television phenomenon Doctor Who to be racist and, oh yeah, sexist.

What evidence do they offer? Their central point is that the lead character, the Doctor, is a white male and has remained that way despite many “regenerations.” To tell the truth, each incarnation of the Doctor also washumanoid, so it follows that the hundreds of producers, script editors, directors, actors and writers, lo these many years, are also anti-space alien. After all, the Doctor clearly favors Earth humans over such space alien races as, oh, say, the Daleks. When’s he going to regenerate into a being made of anti-matter?

(By the way, I am compelled to point out that the phrase “space alien” is amazingly stupid, and if you don’t use it when referring to all those outworlders out there, you are not necessarily prejudiced against Mexicans or the Irish.)

Verity Lambert Mike Gold: Oh, Time Lord! Abuse Me! Abuse Me!Now I don’t know if Gallifreyans are capable of changing sex and/or race upon regeneration. I’d be perfectly fine if Doctor Twelve were a woman and/or of a different race. Way back in 1963, the original producer of Doctor Who was a woman named Verity Lambert. Can we stop for a minute and appreciate just how revolutionary that was back in the day? She produced the first 86 episodes, moving on to other projects in 1965. There weren’t a lot of women producing television series back then. Or today, for that matter.

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We think it’s all nonsense ourselves, but for our own nonsensical reason: There’s no such thing as bad publicity, remember? And in this, its 50th year, it seems that everything involving our favorite series is all about the publicity. So, really, Who cares?

Worst pun ever. Yeah, we know. And it makes us kinda proud.

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