Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 9/30/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Roberto Benabib (WEEDS) is writing a comedy pilot for HBO called THE BRINK, which reports call “Epic dark comedy focusing on a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three…men.” (Personally, we’d find it funnier if someone just had the balls to say it was a political satire and eschew the rest of the verbiage. Let’s hope that logline – which is much longer than what’s here – was the network’s and not the writer’s.)
  • Ben Queen (CARS 2) has an NBC pilot deal for A TO Z, a comedy about a relationship from meeting to breakup. (It ends on a breakup? And this is comedy? Oh, NBC, NBC, how far hast thou fallen?)
  • John Cabrera (H+ the web series) is writing a monster movie for Syfy, which may be a backdoor pilot. (Syfy-monster movie, who’d a thunk? Of course it’ll be a pilot!)
  • John Hamburg (MEET THE PARENTS & Matt Miller (CHUCK) are developing a CBS comedy called GOOD SESSION about a couple’s first meeting through the rough days of the “present” as told through counseling sessions. (So which came first, gang? This or A TO Z? Interesting, ain’t it, how crap ideas always come in pairs?)
  • Sheri Elwood (Canada’s CALL ME FITZ) is developing BAGEL NATION for ABC. (Like with a name like BAGEL NATION we woulda thought it was a police procedural, right? Still, how bad can a show about a Jewish deli now owned by goyem be? Yeah, right. That bad.)
  • Paul Scheer (some kind of comedian turned writer) is writing an ABC comedy about a couple trying to keep their relationship together while going through the hoops set up by multiple sets of parents, spouses, and children. (Yes, they’re calling this one a “family comedy,” presumably cuz it’s about, you know, a family. Sigh…)