Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 6/7/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Jon Cowan (SUITS) has a new overall development deal with 20th Television. (Because with credits like MY GENERATION, PRIVATE PRACTICE and CROSSING JORDAN he must be a genius, right? Okay, so maybe not, but we bet that he’s very good in the room.)
  • Lauren Beaukes’ novel about a time traveling serial killer, The Shining Girls, has bought by Leonardo DiCapprio’s production company, which intends to develop it for TV. The TV writing gig appears to be open. (Translation: The film biz is so bad that you gotta be nuts to try and put together a movie deal out of a book that hasn’t sold zillions of copies. Sigh.)
  • Emily Spivey (UP ALL NIGHT) now has an overall deal with 20th Television. (No, it’s not really for development. Emily’s going to work on 20th’ MODERN FAMILY.)
  • Elaine Ko (MODERN FAMILY) has been moved up to Supervising Producer on the show. (Maybe she’s teaming up with Emily Spivey?)
  • Brannon Braga (TERRA NOVA) & Adam Simon (THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT) have sold a drama called SALEM to WGN America, which, evidently, is a new cable network. The show is all about life – and witches – in 17th Century Salem, Mass. (The show has been picked up for 13 episodes. TVWriter™ prediction: It’ll go 13 – but probably less – and out.)