Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/5/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Alexandra Cunningham (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) is adapting Harlan Coben’s thriller, Gone for Good, into a drama series for NBC. (The premise seems to be: “Trust no one.” So we already want to like this project.)
  • David Rambo (REVOLUTION) & Pat Gilfillan (former Nichol Fellowship Winner) are writing the pilot for CBS’s ALLEGED, a drama about a lawyer who is defending his own brother on a murder charge. (Dunno about you, but we’re getting a tad tired of lawyers as heroes. Mostly cuz in our lives so far they’re…not. In fact, every time we see the news another lawyer looks like the enemy!)
  • Matthew Michael Carnahan (WORLD WAR Z) is writing an HBO movie about a guy who breaks into New York high society by being, you know, not what he seems. (He’s also African American cuz, hey, those guys is all shady characters, right? Or to put it another way, “Racism by any other name….”)
  • Maya Van Wagenen (15 year old newb) has sold a book based on her diary to Dreamworks. (We’re so happy for her that we aren’t even feeling bad about Maya being a mere child with a better deal than anything we’ve even come close to. Really. We lurves her. Honest. Congrats, Maya!)
  • Gabe Miller & Jonathan Green (THE OFFICE) are writing the pilot for a CBS comedy about a lifestyle design expert. (Which seems to be untitled cuz…what title could such a premise possibly inspire?)
  • Messers Miller & Green are also writing an untitled comedy for NBC, this one about two overachievers. (Overachievers, huh? As in two more human beings who are doing better than we are? And somebody thinks we’re gonna want to see them? Why? Cuz we like to cry?)