Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/7/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Sanjay Shah (ENLISTED) has sold an untitled autobiographical comedy about an immigrant family running a fast-food franchise together to NBC. (Where they keep on commissioning family comedies regardless of how indifferent their viewers seem to be to that particular arena.)
  • Chris Case (RETIRED AT 35) has an NBC pilot deal for MAYBE IT’S ME, an autobiographical comedy about a father juggling three strong women in his life. (Hmm, not only is this another family comedy, it’s also another autobiographical comedy. And you thought writers’ lives were boring!)
  • Stefan Jaworski (“hot Danish writer” is all we could get) is writing the pilot for WHITE EYE, a procedural thriller, for ABC. (Curse you, PERSON OF INTEREST! You’re so popular that everybody’s trying to duplicate your success. And we all know where that’s going to lead.)
  • Jeff Addiss & Will Matthews are writing a HOUDINI miniseries for ABC that seems to be about the famed escape artist solving contemporary crime. (But maybe it isn’t. The art of clearly stating a premise seems to have escaped the net’s PR.)
  • Chris Keyser (PARTY OF FIVE) is writing WARRIORS, a drama about a “national military hospital,” also for ABC. (Cuz that’s the one twist on a medical show that’s never been done as far as we know. Huzzah! for creativity.)
  • David Grae (CASTLE) is writing the pilot for ABC’s LIFE IS MURDER, a mother-daughter crime drama. (Oh, God, more family. But at least it’s not a comedy…we hope.)