LB: You Think the New Fantastic Four Movie is bad?

old ff Captureby Larry Brody

If  you think the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot that opened last weekend sucked, I won’t argue. But I will say that you shoulda seen this one.

I mean it. You really should see this one because as messed up as it is, this never-released Roger Corman produced cheapo from 1994 still has something that none of the later movie attempts, including the most recent, have ever had.



Respect for the source.

Enjoy, True Believers:

Author: LB

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2 thoughts on “LB: You Think the New Fantastic Four Movie is bad?”

  1. That was kinda fun. The same script with better effects could have played in theaters. Dr. Doom was actually a little scary, even if he leaned a little too much on the evil laugh. The three Fox FF movies watered him down and made him boring. (I haven’t seen the third, the new one, but I read a complete outline of it.) The Corman movie got the characters right, and the guy in the Thing suit wasn’t bad, though Michael Chiklis was the best part of the first two Fox movies.

  2. If anybody saw this and wonders why the very wide screen image stretches the people out, I will explain. If the movie had ever been shown in theaters a lens on the projector would have made the image not quite as wide and the people would have looked normal.

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