LB: TVWriter™ Advanced Workshopper Places 3rd In Terror Film Festival Competition

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Time now for another True Life Testimonial. This time around, it’s from Dawn McElligott, a student in the TVWriter™ Advanced Online Workshop who’s been working on a short film and potential pilot called LADY OF THE LAKE in class.

And there’s no denying it: Reading this email made my day:

Howdy LB,

I’m glad I’m already entered in this year’s Spec Scriptacular.  However I’ve already become a winner, 3rd Place, at least, in this year’s Terror Film Festival Short Screenplay competition.

I entered a version of “Lady of the Lake” that I workshopped with you some months ago in this year’s competition because the deadline was August 21st (later extended) and I thought it had what it took to make it to the Winner’s Circle – and it did!

Here are the words you’ve been waiting to hear (see) :  “I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you!”

As you know, I’ve continued to refine the script with you and the class, and, I hope, perfecting the ending. If I’m right, the “Lady” will go even  further in the other competitions in which I’ve entered it: Scriptapalooza and the SS.

Thanks again!

And thank you for the thanks, Dawn. You’ve warmed the formerly frigid cockles of my heart. (Hmm, did that come out the way I meant it? I sure hope so.)

Congrats and Good Luck!

We’ll have more news about the Spec Scriptacular that closed just last Monday soon. I swear!

Author: LB

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