LB Reads “My Seinfeld Year” by Fred Stoller

And what can I say that’s more important than this? It made me laugh. And nod my head. And keep saying, “Yeah, that’s how it is. Yeah….”My Seinfelt Year Capture

Here’s what the Amazon blurb says:

“You’d know Fred Stoller if you saw him. He has appeared on practically every great sitcom you’ve ever seen – Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, and Murphy Brown just to name a few. But he has never been a regular on a series, always the guest star. He longs to find a showbiz home. Instead, he is a television foster child, shuttling from show to show in the vain hope that one will finally agree to keep him. “My Seinfeld Year” tells the hysterical and bittersweet story of what happened when Stoller finally got a shot at the showbiz stability he’d always dreamed of — as a staff writer on one of the biggest television shows in history.”

Here’s my take:


  • It’s funny. Stoller’s a very clever writer.
  • It feels as true to the life of a TV writer as it can be.
  • It’s genuinely helpful for the new writer because it paints such a perfect picture of what it’s like to work in TV
  • It’s a buck ninety-nine and it’s on Kindle
  • I know I’ve already said that it’s funny and real, but I didn’t say it strongly enough: My Seinfeld Year is wonderfully funny and real.


  • I didn’t write this book.
  • I don’t know Fred Stoller.
  • Fred Stoller isn’t writing for TVWriter™.
  • There probably aren’t any more Fred Stollers in the world and there should be.
  • I wish it was longer.


Hey, it’s dirt cheap and it’s priceless. Buy the damn book. HERE.