LB: MAJOR CRIMES Has Returned and, Um, So Far So Good


The Good:

  • It’s just like it was last season. Except that it isn’t.
  • G.W. Bailey’s Lt. Provenza steals the show.
  • Episode 1 was one of the few times I’ve ever enjoyed a Hollywood themed murder. Probably cuz the Big Deal Film Director Suspect here was sooo Michael Bay.
  • Robert Gossett’s Commander Tyler was back to being a major asshat.
  • Mary McDonnell’s Captain Rayder was as delightfully passive-aggressive as ever.

The Not So Good:

  • Please, please, please give Graham Patrick Martin’s Rusty Beck a chance to, oh what the hell, smile for once. All that damn sturm und drang has gotten pretty damn boring.
  • The plot twists were pretty damn goofy, y’know? My suspension of disbelief had to shift into hyperdrive.
  • The shout-out to the transferred Brenda Leigh Johnson was just that…merely a shout-out for no real reason.
  • I really missed Chief Pope.
  • It’s just like last season. Except that it isn’t.


I’ll keep coming back for more because I’m caught up in the Great TV Trap of feeling like I know all these people so watching them makes me feel all cozy and secure. Maybe they’ll kill someone off down the line. The thought gives me great satisfaction because sometimes you just don’t want – or need – to be so cozy and secure.

Author: LB

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