Just What TV Needs – Another Network Aimed at an Even YOUNGER Audience

Evidently this is some FXX show. Or not. We’ll all have to wait and see. Not you, Mom and Dad. Sorry but you’re too old.

Evidently worried that its current schedule of edgy/weird shows including WILFRED, ANGER MANAGEMENT, THE AMERICANS, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, ASYLUM, JUSTIFIED, and LOUIE might be making the FX Network way too successful (cuz God or His/Her equivalent forbid FX follow the trail blazed by the top broadcast network, CBS) the idiots hotshot execs at FX are poised to throw a “younger skewing” spinoff, FXX, from their toilets into our faces this September.

According to recent press releases and press conferences, FXX intends to be just as wonderful as FX but will also have what the Hollywood Reporter called “A DIY feel.” To us, that means it’s going to look amateurish, cheap, and crappy. At least, that’s how our Do It Yourself projects always turn out.

What we can glean from all the shouting is that FXX is going to be aimed at audiences in the 18-34 age range, which is different from FX, which wants its viewers to be 18-49. Hmm, so that means what? That FX considers itself pretty much all-inclusive but FXX is going to ban men and women from 35 on up?

Okay, not ban. Just program garbage anyone who’s ever been out in the world would never, ever watch. After all, who cares if the research TV execs always claim to be following indicates that 35 and ups have way more discretionary income than anybody else?

Thank God this exclusion thingie doesn’t affect us. We here at TVWriter™ are, as you can tell by how we write and what we write about, way under 35. Just barely 18, that’s us. For life.

Or until TV lets itself grow up.