LB Had Lunch With Hank Isaac

EDITOR’S NOTE: Whoa! Two titans of creativity in the same place at the same time! Was reality able to hold them both? Wha– happened?

Check it out:

Now you see it, now you…  Well, actually, you still see it.
by Hank Isaac

Had a nice lunch & visit with Mr. himself, Larry Brody. And no, this wasn’t part of a prize or an interview, or anything like that. We just happen to live sorta close to one another. I was location-scouting a small town and taking in a classic boat festival and, well, things just worked out.

Larry and I are roughly the same generation. Yes, in all sense of the word, “roughly.” I grew up with TV, a scant 30 miles from Manhattan. I remember our first TV. I think I was two or three. It was as large as a refrigerator with a screen the size of an iPad. Now, TVs are the size of iPads and their screens are as large as refrigerators. Interesting how many switches like that take place in the world.

I remember watching Steve Allen and the first broadcast of The Tonight Show. I think he said something like, “Things will never be the same.” He got that right, huh. I remember watching “I Love Lucy.”

“Hey, did you see that? She just–”

“Shhhhhh! Can’t you see we’re watching?”

Thus began the incipient alienation of the human race.

I’ve been trying to explain to people why I’m gradually weaning myself away from sites like Facebook & Twitter. I have a collection of so-called “friends,” only a small handful of whom actually ever contact me directly (on those sites or anywhere). So I’ve decided (1) anyone who truly wants to talk to me will call on the phone or, even better, show up, and (2) I miss actual human contact. Because as far as I can prove, all my typed and sent comments are going to a very, very clever robot buried deep in some mountain and who has enough information about me to respond in a believable way.

What does any of this have to do with television?

Well, the media – and I include online stuff as well – have brought us “closer together” in one way, but in doing so, have forever shoved us apart.

And the gap is getting wider by the second.