Larry Brody sees CON MAN


by Larry Brody






CON MAN, short for “convention man” brings us a fictionalized, exaggerated (I hope), and funny version of Alan Tudyk’s life and career post FIREFLY and SERENITY. If you know what that first sentence means, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy this crowd-funded series now appearing on Vimeo. If you don’t, then the hell with you.

CON MAN isn’t free. It costs fifteen bucks to rent all 13 episodes (and a couple of extras) as they’re released over 4 weeks. The first 4 10-15 minute episodes went online last week. The next 3 will join them tomorrow, and you’ll have a grand total of 3 months over which to watch the entire run of this, the most in of all “in” shows.

Hey, are you still sitting here? Beat it! Get thee to this convenient location and ante the hell up!

Thanks, Vimeo, for starting this very interesting little “vimeo ON DEMAND” thing.

Read more about how CON MAN came to be.

See what you can for free:

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