Kenneth Yoder: Peer Production – Pushing the Limits of Good Taste

In TVWriter™’s tradition of tirelessly educating and offending whomever it can, wherever and whenever it can, today we’re presenting the first in what we hope will be a series of blog entries about the most tasteless new Kickstarter project we’ve seen in a long time. We mean, learning the ins and out of crowdfunding is pretty damn important these days, right?


by Kenneth Yoder

Hello there. My name is Kenneth Yoder and I am getting set to direct a new comedy web series called “Rodrigo Quintez: Quality Children’s Entertainer”. This blog is about the process of creating a show from the seed of an idea all the way through fundraising, casting, production, post-production and the release of the final product.

Currently, I’m mid-way through the “fundraising” stage. Specifically, I’m about a week away from ending my crowd funding campaign. For those of you that don’t know, Kickstarter is a website that you can use to raise money for your creative project. It is a super cool and very powerful tool for the independent filmmaker.

Now, if you’re thinking of doing a Kickstarter for your project, here is a bit of priceless advice that I got before I started. It’s simple and goes something like this:

Try not to make a stupid and boring and terrible Kickstarter project.

 That’s the little nugget of wisdom that I have for you today. Even if your best effort ends up being the absolute worst, at least you’ll know that you tried – and, most likely, failed.

Take a look at our best try:

Stay tuned for our next blog entry. We’re casting a fat kid. Should be fun.

And don’t forget to visit us on Kickstarter.Com.