Ken Levine on what spec sitcom you should write

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What’s the Best Spec Script to Write
by Ken Levine

The Friday Question I get asked more than any other is probably this one:

Ken, if you had your choice of current sitcoms on air to write for, which show would you write a spec for and why?

The real question is what show should YOU write for? There are several factors.

Pick the show that best shows off your strengths. Are you a great joke person? Write a Chuck Lorre multi-cam show. Good with characters? Select a single-camera show that’s more quirky than funny.

Also, determine which show best fits your comic sensibilities. Do you like the sick humor of DADS? Hip coolness of THE NEW GIRL? Rural edge of RAISING HOPE? Surrealism of COMMUNITY? Retro feel of HOT IN CLEVELAND?

Generally, it’s a good idea to spec a show that’s on the rise. There must be a million MODERN FAMILIES and BIG BANG THEORIES. Readers are probably a little blurry eyed from reading them. And your script won’t have much shelf life if you write a HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

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