Kathy Sees Criminal Minds S8:5 “The Good Earth”

But I refuse to watch the next episode, “The Apprentice”. The premise turned me off–an unsub who mutilates puppies, then escalates to prostitutes. Um, I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to “The Good Earth”. (Synopsis here, if you’re interested.)

Hotch being…Hotch

After really enjoying “God Complex” last week, “The Good Earth” was kind of a let down. It had a huge ick factor (wood chippers are never used for actual wood chipping on this show) and it was pretty much physically impossible for the unsub to do what she was doing without hulking out first. Actually that might have been fun to see, because the rest of the show wasn’t. It had a little bit of mystery, but mostly it was about the unsub and less about the team doing their profiling jobs. The bright spot is that at least the team speculated at what she was doing before she did it, not after, as a lot of the episodes have done and I have complained about ad nauseum.

So here’s to next week’s show, which I hope has nothing to do with wood chippers, gardening, puppies, and prostitutes.

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