Is This How You’ll Shoot Your Next Video?

Vyclone Launches Social Video Collaboration App
by TeamTVWriter Press Service

We could have re-edited this announcement, but we’re on the web, where we all know that whatever is quickest is best.  So here’s what the Vyclone folks say about the app they released today:

Vyclone is the simplest and fastest way to co-create, sync and edit multiple videos of a shared event. Perfect for capturing all of life’s events, from birthday parties to sporting events and concerts, Vyclone synchronizes and edits multiple users’ clips to create one movie with all the angles cut together. The movie can be remixed, or edited, to the user’s liking, then shared with Vyclone’s vibrant community and other social media platforms.

Vyclone gives users the tools to make any shared captured experience social. App features include:
• Ability to film from four different camera angles in a variety of filters including black & white and sepia
• Simple video editing tools including one-tap and multi-camera editing
• Option to share videos privately, with friends or the Vyclone community
• One-tap sharing to Facebook and Twitter or to the camera roll on iPhone or iPod touch to share anywhere
• Discover featured, new, and popular content from Vyclone’s active community
• Ability to tag friends and events, comment on videos, like videos, and follow other Vyclone users

Simultaneous multi-camera? For reals? Instant editing and sharing? Quite honestly, this sounds like the perfect tool for peer-produced video. We’ll report back after we’ve given Vyclone a fair try.

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