Is the World Ready for an Exclusively iPad and iPhone Series?

haunting melissa

We work hard for the money here at TVWriter™. Long hours, a brutal boss (Oh, hi, LB!), and all that reading and watching. It’s enough to drive a person mad, I say. Mad!

The other night, however, while slaving away at You Tube, searching for nuggets of gold amidst the dancing cats, we found this scary bit of video witchcraft, and it made everything worthwhile:

Not a film. Not a TV series. Not even a web series. HAUNTING MELISSA is – get ready for it – an app. Here’s the story behind it, in the words of its creator, Neal Eddlestein:

From the Producer of THE RING and MULHOLLAND DRIVE comes a terrifying and mysterious ghost story that reinvents how movies are consumed and stories told.

Haunting Melissa

“Something really creepy is happening in this house.”

No one knows why Melissa vanished. She warned her friends that some ghostly presence had awakened in the isolated farmhouse where she lived… something that whispered to her from the locked room where her mother went mad and died. Now she’s gone… and no one knows what unearthly horror had risen from the past and was… Haunting Melissa.

Little by little, all will be revealed.

You’ve never seen anything like this, because there’s never been a haunting quite like this. The first-of-its-kind Haunting Melissa is a terrifying tale with twists and frights that you won’t soon forget. Delivered piece by piece when you least expect it — and want it most — Haunting Melissa will scare you into discovering the truth.

Veteran storyteller Neal Edelstein has reinvented filmmaking in a way that brings the power of hypnotic, episodic content to the iTunes Store. Viewed exclusively on the iPhone and iPad this frighteningly haunting story is released in sporadic and unexpected ways that will leave you constantly guessing, and constantly engaged.

You’ll want to activate Push Notifications so you won’t miss a thing. Keep the glow of your iPhone or iPad handy, because you’ll never quite know when the haunting is coming.

Download The Free App Now:

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  1. Well, why not? I have watched TV episodes on an iPad, an iPod, and an iPhone. The gimmick here is that you don’t know when new stuff will come out. I never activate push notifications, but I assume I could check in when I have time and catch up on the story.

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