We have to say that we think it would be wonderful for the TV audience if that was the case. So far, though, all we have is the showrunner’s word:

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ EPs: It’s ‘Barney Miller’ Meets ‘The Wire’
by Michael O’Connell

Mike Schur wanted to make something very clear at the top of his Television Critics Association panel: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not a parody.

“This is not Police Squad … as big a fan as I am ofPolice Squad,” said the executive producer, who co-created the upcoming Fox comedy alongside fellowParks and Recreation scribe Dan Goor. “We want it to seem like it’s a real police precinct. And that was the goal the whole time.”

The pilot more than flirts with slapstick, but Schur and Goor insisted that they’re being very cautious about the comedy taking second position to telling a real cop story for stars Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher — particularly where Samberg is concerned.

“When we were writing the pilot, the thing we always knew was that he was going to solve a crime in the cold open,” Schur said of Samberg’s character. “He’s a good detective.”

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We dunno. So far this doesn’t sound all that convincing. Wonder what Ted Flicker (co-creator of BARNEY MILLER) will have to say….