Herbie J Pilato: New “Bewitched” Will Twitch On NBC!

EDITOR’S UPDATE: More to come on this from other voices of TVWriter™, we’re sure.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This just in from Contributing Editor/Classic TV Fanatic Herbie J Pilato (AKA Our Man at the Front Lines:

by Herbie J Pilato

Congratulations to NBC for landing Sony’s new take on Bewitched!bewitched-reboot

According to Variety, the network has granted the green light for a pilot production commitment to sequel to the original classic series that featured the iconic Elizabeth Montgomery as the lovable “house-witch” Samantha Stephens who married advertising mortal man Darrin Stephens (co-played by Dick York and Dick Sargent).

The new series will center around Samantha and Darrin’s granddaughter, an idea conceived by writers Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, and overseen by the talented team of Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher, who head Red Wagon Entertainment.

The “granddaughter” approach is a fresh start!


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