Graham Yost is the New King of the World

…Hey, he’s getting close anyway. (Just what we didn’t need. Yet another super successful TV genius writer-producer to hate.)

The Hollywood Reporter reports (What? We’re supposed to come up with a better word? We know it doesn’t sound quite right, but our thesaurus finger’s broken) that NBC is now in business with Graham Yost, showrunner of FX’s JUSTIFIED and creator of FX’s upcoming Keri Russell KGB spy series THE AMERICANS. The series is set in ’70s L.A. and is named L.A. WOMAN because not only do the networks go to the same people for everything, they also welcome the use of dreary old names that they think might be recognized by the audience. And we suppose that if NBC’s audience is geriatric rockers/Doors fans that could occur here.

But we doubt it.

Vote with your remotes, kids. The baby boomers are not the bosses of us. They’re just our grandparents, you know?

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