More Sitcom Writers Who Are Making New Project Deals

According to The Hollywood Reporter, writers from FRASIER, PARTY DOWN, and UP ALL NIGHT just got pilot script orders from ABC.

Peter Huyk, formerly of FRASIER, got his order for a project about a family that moves from New York City to a small California town looking for a bigger life…only to find out that the new town is even more complex than the big city.

In keeping with the relocation theme, Erica Rivinoja of UP ALL NIGHT got a go on a script about a Mormon family moving to Las Vegas.

John Enborn of PARTY DOWN, OTOH, sold the network a series about a couple who, according to the Reporter, “realize their parenting skills are far below those of their compatriots.” This seems a little light to us, so obviously the Reporter missed something. We’d say that maybe the fact that this project is being produced by ABC Studios had something to do with John’s deal, but the other two pilots also are with ABC Studios.

So there we have it, the kind of development trend that has made television what it is today. (Um, let’s not kid around, that would be, as boring as it was yesterday. We really should’ve majored in deal-making instead of film-writing. Damn.)

For those who are wondering why we’re showing a picture of Rob Thomas at the top of this article. It’s like this: We don’t know anybody at ABC Studios so we’re kinda kissing up to him. (shrugs)