munchman: Good News! Warner Bros Taking Web Series Pitches at SXSW

Just to remind y’all of the kind of “digital series” The CW likes: Yess, it’s DR. HORRIBLE!

This just in from some Oh-So-Lovingly Nurtured, Possibly Reliable and Absolutely Anonymous Showbiz Sources (In other words, we got a press release and are translating it for ya):

Warner Bros. Television Group will make its SXSW Interactive Festival debut March 8–11, 2013 in Austin, Texas by popping up an immersive space — Warner Bros. Tell-A-Vision — dedicated to the art of storytelling.  Changing frequently and posing a series of provocative questions to SXSWi attendees, Warner Bros. Tell-A-Vision will feature the high-powered humor of top comedy writer/producer and author Chuck Lorre (TV’s Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, the book What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Bitter, the powered-down afterworld of the hit NBC drama Revolution, yada yada….

Wait, wait, we know the pitch thing is here someplace. Ah:

…Additionally, The CW Network is offering attendees the opportunity to pitch their original ideas for a digital series to CWD, The CW’s digital studio, on March 10–11.

For more information about WBTV @ SXSW, please follow us on Twitter (hashtag: #WBSXSW) or visit

Well, it’s a start. Guess WB just doesn’t think that getting your foot in the door by selling a series isn’t as important as we at TVWriter™ do. We’ll all have to follow them on Twitter, right, to find out?

Still, this could turn out to be a great opportunity, and we love the “digital series” part because that’s where TVWriter™ firmly believes that the future lies.

I do, however, detect some Potential Bad News: If you weren’t already heading for South By Southwest, this could be pretty expensive. According to the SXSW website, walk-up badges are $1150 for the 5-day interactive conference (3/8-3/12).

More to follow! (Meanwhile, start saving just to, you know, be sure.)

EDITED BY LB TO ADD: The Good News, just in: You don’t need an SXSW badge to pitch, so this opportunity is free. The Not So Good News: March 11th, between 11 am and 2 pm, is your last chance to pitch. So don’t just sit there – get going!