Angelo Bell: Inspiration Time

Well, that’s how we see this piece. Even though Angelo gave it another very cool name:

broken dreamsDreams Don’t Have Deadlines by Mark Victor Hansen discusses how individuals allow their dreams to fade away, and die. They succumb to the pressures of life and the peer pressure of people we love and respect. They allow the boring day-to-day minutia of life to overwhelm them, so instead of choosing the freedom of happiness, they become enslaved by the safety of routine.

Look around you. Everywhere people are simply going through the through the motions. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. – Lather. Rise. Repeat. Enjoyment of life is a far off thing.

In Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines helps illustrate and demonstrate the true meaning of wealth. This particular type of wealth you can have right now, regardless of how old or young you are.

How do you reconnect with the dreamer in you? How do you connect with people and resources who can help you make progress? How can you reinforce your forgotten commitment toward your dreams? How do you find out what your new dreams are?
It all starts with passion. You can maintain a living (everyone requires food and shelter) and still devote most of your emotional, mental and psychological resources to emboldening yourself to follow your heart’s desire. One of the first steps to rekindling your passion is to reduce the things that tug at your time and attention. Now that you have time, look at the things you want to do; look at the activities that excite you!

Life doesn’t stop when your dreams stop. Life is happening all around you, right now. Look at life as if there are no missed chances, only delays. Those opportunities will come around again. Just be ready for them.

If you need a jumpstart in getting rekindling your dreams and passion, take a look at my article on creating a Vision Board / Dream Board.