Filmmaker Hank Isaac’s Statement on His Art

chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate Sprinkles
by Hank Isaac

I don’t think anyone’s actually reading these, so I don’t feel I’m giving away any secrets.

I direct films from time to time and do all my own casting.  For some reason, I’m often asked what I look for in an actor.  Do I want specific “types” for a project?  Do I look for training?  Do I want energy?  Thoughtfulness?  Something else?And the answer is:  None of the above.

I look for one thing and one thing only.  I look for the perfect blend of strength and vulnerability.  I look for those because in my opinion, that’s what allows an actor to reach out past the surface of the screen and touch the audience.

That’s what we respond to as humans.

Everything else is just chocolate sprinkles.