Extra! Writers of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Win Daytime Drama Writing Emmy

Days of Our Lives Won the Best Daytime Drama Emmy Just in Case You Want to Know

Whoa! They gave out the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards yesterday in beautiful downtown Beverly Hills and the writing winners were:

The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Bradley P. Bell, Head Writer
Kay Alden, Michael Minnis, Co-Head Writers
Patrick Mulcahey, Tracey Ann Kelly, Rex M. Best,
John F. Smith, Adam Dusevoir, Shannon Bradley,
Michele Val Jean, Writers

Way to go, gang! TVWriter™ congratulates you all. But we have to admit a slight bit of favoritism: We’re really excited about Michele Val Jean getting this because we know her. (Ah, Facebook, you help us make such fascinating friends!)

We know what you’re thinking: “If these are the drama writing winners, who won the comedy writing award?” Well, guess what…there ain’t no Outstanding Comedy Series Writing Team cuz – yeah, now you’re getting it – there ain’t no daytime comedy.

Life is so unfair.