munchman: Are You a Female VoiceOver Actress? Tough Shit, Baby


My girlfriend, who shall go unnamed here cuz she thinks I’m an embarrassment, is a voiceover actress. Not for cartoons cuz those go to, like, major and occasionally minor stars, but for commercials. Her biggest role so far was as a talking cheeseburger. Or maybe she was a french fry. Taco shell? Some kind of fast food thing anyway.

Being a woman and trying to make it in voiceover is like being a Jew trying to get a gig as a death camp commandant. It’s like impossible – cuz showbiz as an industry is more sexist than the vilest Republican House of Representatives member. Hollywood just plain doesn’t want to hear women’s voices, no matter how stentorian, saying, “In a world where…” or “…Stars tomorrow. Be there.” And Hollywood thinks that the audience shares that sexist prejudice.

I bring this up because I just stumbled upon a trailer for a film called IN A WORLD, which is about a young woman trying to succeed in the voiceover biz and encountering all the obstacles my GF is way too familiar with. I can’t speak for how good or bad the film is, but even the GF agreed: In a mere 2 minutes and 28 seconds, this trailer has summed up her entire professional – and most of her personal – life.


In a world where my GF is the lowest person on the totem pole, the trailer for the film IN A WORLD gives her new stature and self-confidence by presenting her situation as – well, still the lowest person on the totem pole. Bummer.

Bigger bummer: The GF told me this morning that she’s seriously considering moving on to the only career she knows of that might bring her down even lower:  An acting teacher at a for-profit university.

Here’s what’s inspired her:


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  1. Having auditioned myself for anime cartoons (a most depressing adventure where you willingly allow yourself to be orally beat up), I feel for your girlfriend. It’s hard out there for any woman in the ‘biz’ and this film may help right the wrongs, at least internally. It looks fantastic based on the trailer and I can’t wait to see it.

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