Extra! Want to be a Writer with the Tribune Company?


So we, um, just happened to find this on the web. A mistaken click while, you know, looking for porn.

Okay, we confess. Like every other baby writer, we’re always on the hunt for an Industry doorway to stick our foot into. But, unselfish souls that we are, we’re passing this one on. (As opposed to “passing on this one.” Heh. Sure.)

The good news: It’s an entry level gig writing for “newscasts, website and social media accounts,” which means it can be a good stepping stone.

The bad news: It’s in Sacramento.

Know how we always say that you have to move to L.A. to be in showbiz? Well, unless you already live in San Diego or Santa Barbara, this’ll at least get you closer. And it’ll be an easy transition cuz if you come from a dull, drab small town you’ll feel right at home.

See for yourself:

Click the pic for more info and to apply