Crowd Funding: LB Recommends: “Kros: Hallowed Ground” on Kickstarter

Kros Captureby Larry Brody

John Ostrander, an irregular contributor to TVWriter™, is one of the best writers working in any medium and genre today. For me, his greatest creation is the character “Grimjack,” an anti-hero I’ve always wished I’d created, dammit. In fact, that’s how I’ve always thought of it: “Wish I’d created Grimjack. Dammit!”

You may know King John for other things. Like maybe his work on a host of fine comics, including SUICIDE SQUAD, which is set to open as a major tentpole/franchise/whatever feature film early next year.

I mean, dude’s good, got it?92f6e747e5f53328fb0407e3307213a5_original

I bring all this up because John e-mailed me a couple of days ago to remind me about a project written by him and drawn by another comics great, Tom Mandrake, of Grimjack, The Spectre, Batman, Sidekick, etc. fame.

This one is called Kros: Hallowed Ground, and is a 128 page graphic novel set against the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War and–

Wait, why should I tell you about it when the Kros Kickstarter page can do it much better:

KROS: HALLOWED GROUND is a tale of horror that follows the story of Vampire hunter, Major Kros, who fights two wars. During the day, Kros fights the battle history remembers. At night, he fights a secret battle against supernatural forces.

Kros himself is an enigmatic character. He’s a dampyr – a vampire hunter – and has some of the vampire’s abilities. Long lived, Kros cares nothing for the politics of ordinary mortals. The Civil War means nothing to him. Kros is on the trail of the undead. There are considerable dangers to Kros as well–and death is not the worst of them. Blood calls to Blood and there is always the danger that could be turned and become that which he hates.

Around Kros are ordinary people, civilians and soldiers from both the North and South in the midst of a cauldron called Gettysburg. They have faced the conflict and horror of the battlefield and now must face an even greater horror. Vampires have followed the armies and come at night to feast on the fallen. A second battle is fought at Gettysburg of which the history books know nothing. That’s the tale we want to tell. We’ve waited a long time to tell it. With your help, it will happen.

KROS: HALLOWED GROUND…will include character and production artwork by Tom Mandrake, cover/poster art, as well as a short KROS story by John Ostrander.

I’m backing KROS: HALLOWED GROUND and hope you’ll take a little trip over to Kickstarter and do it too – before it’s too late.

The Kickstarter page is HERE

And when you get to the page, don’t forget to keep scrolling down to see all the delicious artwork.