BOSS Showrunner Says He’s Worried About the Ratings

Maybe if he had one – just one – likeable character on the series and one – just one – moment of joy he wouldn’t have to worry because the ratings would take care of themselves.

Boss Creator “Heartbroken” Over Low Ratings: “I Hope We Get to Tell the Entire Story” – by Kate Stanhope

It’s no secret that Boss, despite its famous leading man and Golden Globe win, has been struggling in the ratings.

“I am completely aware of what the numbers are and I’m heartbroken,” creator and executive producer Farhad Safinia told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s fall preview sessions Thursday. “There are so many great things about the show that I feel it deserves a larger audience.

Boss was renewed for a second season even before the show debuted. The series premiered to 1.05 million viewers last October on Starz.

Safinia also believes it was the show’s low ratings that caused [series star Kelsey] Grammer’s Emmy snub. After winning a Golden Globe award in January for his performance, many awards show pundits predicted he would also snag an Emmy nomination. “Kelsey not getting nominated is a travesty. I just don’t understand it,” Safinia said. “The only explanation I can come up with is perhaps that people didn’t get to see it.”

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Aw, Farhad, don’t sweat it. Stick to your icky vision of politics and life. Be true to yourself, dood. If you live in a world without happiness, why betray it just to make your audience feel, you know, good?

2 thoughts on “BOSS Showrunner Says He’s Worried About the Ratings”

  1. While BOSS has a smokey back room full of flaws, I still find it highly addictive. And a large part of that is its unrelenting darkness. I’ve always figured that Safinia wanted to create an American HOUSE OF CARDS, the British and most brilliant mini-series I’ve ever seen. (Which is, BTW, getting an Americanization by Kevin Spacey.) If you think BOSS is bleak watch HOUSE OF CARDS. It does, though, have a lot of black humor which BOSS is lacking — and that does elevate it to Shakespearean comparison which BOSS doesn’t even begin to conjure.

    Also, sorry that Martin Donovan won’t be returning to BOSS… unless it becomes a ghost story…

    1. I was hooked until the Boss turned in his daughter to save himself. That brought out the guilty parent in me, and you know where that can lead…

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