New Showrunner for SUPERNATURAL

Thank God. Because, really, did anyone ever think Sera Gamble or Bob Singer were writers?

New Supernatural Boss on Returning to the CW Series and ‘Resetting’ the Mythology – by Vlada Gelman

New Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver is coming back to the homestead with a mission: To make the Winchester brothers less complicated and more mature.

A fan-favorite writer from Seasons 3-5 — he was responsible for such memorable episodes as “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels” before leaving to executive produce Syfy’s Being Human — Carver says he had to do “a little bit of catching up” on Dean and Sam’s adventures once he decided to return to the CW series.

“The one thing that struck me [while] watching Season 7 was I felt like the show got a little bit buried under its mythology,” he says of the year that found Dick Roman trying to start a Leviathan takeover of the human population. “It became a little hard to tell exactly what was going on at times. The longtime fans all deserve intricate plot, but it felt a little burdensome.”

Carver says that he hopes to grip viewers by starting Season 8 with something familiar “like a flashback that lifelong fans or early fans will hopefully appreciate the magnitude of, but new fans can also grasp onto…”

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Oh, Higher Powers at CW, please don’t be playing with us. You’ve brought back the best writer who ever worked on the show, so please let him do his thing.

Because if you don’t we’re going to rip out your hearts, eat your souls, and in general go all Lilith on you,punks.


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