Yep, another short review of ELEMENTARY. Hey, CBS, the good news it that this thing definitely is being sampled. The bad news, OTOH…

by Barbara M

 I watched Elementary’s opening episode.Well tried to. CBS really needs to work on their streaming. I got all the way to the last section and blip! – gone.  Was not feeling up to going through the whole thing again.BUT. Until then excellent, for a first episode. New shows always seem to be feeling their way on the first few outings, if not the whole first season.

My main quibble is with the Watson character – left doctoring because killed a patient on the surgery table (hmm, Body of Proof anyone?) and she was the definition of blah up until half way through. The she starts showing some backbone and brains – they need to keep that up.

I’ll be watching (if I can get the dang thing to stream!)