AXE COP Animated Series Coming to Fox in July


One of the joys of working here at TVWriter™ has been bopping around the web discovering things like AXE COP, a web comic created by Malachai Nicolle, who at the time was a 5 year old boy living in Washington state, and illustrated by his almost-a-quarter-century-older brother Ethan.

AXE COP is a delightful celebration of well-intended mayhem, and it’s also become very, very popular. So popular, in fact, that Fox Network bought the rights, did the usual development thing, and, voila! at the riope old age of7, Malachai Nicolle is now the creator of a TV series. AXE COP, the TV series debuts July 27, featuring the voices of Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally (aha!), Patton Oswalt, and even COMMUNITY creator Dan Harmon.

Will it work? We smell a cult classic here at the very least. Stay tuned, doods. And, while you’re waiting, watch the damn clip:

Oh, and don’t forget: This could’ve been an article about you. Still could be if you get off your duff and write/draw/shoot that project you’ve been daydreaming about for years!

8 thoughts on “AXE COP Animated Series Coming to Fox in July”

  1. This show actually looks like it’s gonna be really good! Really looking forward to watching it.

    And btw, I *have* gotten off my duff and just launched my first web series. I’m primarily a writer, sold a few shows but never had anything go into production (much less make it on the air.) Taught myself how to animate and five years later, have completed over 140 minutes of cartoons–I did it all myself mainly cause i had no budget! I just launched my first series, Chilltown–it’s a wild, hip-hop oriented comedy. There are links to the latest episode at my site:

    1. Believe it or don’t, you were already on our list of shows to feature here. munchman’s been talking about your show. We’ll be writing/linking to CHILLTOWN soon.


      LB (Not the reply you expected, I bet, but true.)

  2. Wow! That’s awesome, Larry! And no, not what I was expecting at all. Thank you so much!

    BTW, I was a semi-finalist in the Spec Scriptacular a while back (I did a Spongebob spec), maybe 6 or 7 years ago? I’ve found your site/resources to really be invaluable so it has extra meaning for me. 🙂 Thanks again. Leesa

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