Herbie J. Pilato: The Brady Bunch is Still the Best – and Here’s (the Story) Why

TSDBRBU EC004 by Herbie J Pilato

What first aired from the fall of 1969 to the spring of 1973 as ABC’s original half-hour family sitcom (created by executive producer Sherwood Schwartz – of Gilligan’s Island) has transmuted over the decades into syndicated reruns; with sequels, retrospectives and remakes on additional networks (CBS and NBC); for the big-screen and small; with DVD releases; on the live stage or the printed page; and certainly online.

First there was animated sequel, The Brady Kids (ABC, 1973)…followed by The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (ABC, 1976)…which gave birth to The Brady Girls Get Married (NBC, 1981)….

which led to The Brady Brides (NBC, 1981)…and then onto A Very Brady Christmas (1988)…which morphed into the serious-mindedThe Bradys (1990)…followed a few years later by the first feature film, The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)….and the subsequent big-screener A Very Brady Sequel (1996); then straight-to-video with The Brady Bunch in the White House…along with additional incarnations. read article

“Star Trek Into Darkness?” Unfortunately, Yes

Herbie J. Pilato is one of our favorite writers on the subject most dear to our heart: Television. He’s been part of the TVWriter™ family since the site first sprang onto the interwebs in the ’90s. So it’s with great joy that we present:

By Herbie J Pilato

I didn’t hate Star Trek Into Darkness. read article