Another Web Series Getting a Shot at the “Big Time”

…Unless you consider the web to already be Big Time, which, btw, we do.

Fox Buys Comedy Based On ‘Couple Time’ Web Series With Ellen DeGeneres Producing – by Nellie Andreeva (Deadline.Com)

Allyn Rachel & Patrick Carlyle’s digital series Couple Time is headed to television with Ellen DeGeneres executive producing. Fox has bought Couple Time, a single-camera comedy project based on Rachel and Carlyle’s series of vignettes (watch sample below) that the two say explore “weird stuff couples do when no one else is around!” (That is the PG/R-rated silly stuff couples talk about, not the XXX stuff they sometimes do when alone!)

Upright Citizens Brigade sketch performers Rachel and Carlyle, creators and stars of the Web series and a long-term couple in real life, are set to write and star in the TV project, which explores the life and intimate moments of Patrick and Allyn, a young long-term couple living in Los Angeles who have long passed the bickering and insecurity of early coupledom and are now tackling becoming adults together. The project, said to be Mad About You in tone, has received a script commitment. ICM Partners-repped DeGeneres is executive producing, with CAA-repped Rachel and Carlyle serving as supervising producers. DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production is producing the comedy along with Warner Bros. TV where the company [is] based.

Hugs to Allyn and Patrick, even if they are “repped by CAA.” (Bastards! They have an agent, while we, aw, you know…)