Alyssa @ThinkProgress.Org Calls Steven Moffat on His Sexism

…And no matter what her title says, she’s obviously not over it at all:

Steven Moffat, I’m Over Your Lady Issues – by S.E. Smith

So yes, ‘Asylum of the Daleks!’ I have many thoughts about this episode, some of which have already appeared. But what I keep coming back to again and again, my friends, is that Steven Moffat has serious lady issues. Are you tired of them? Because I am tired of them. He’s got this obnoxious tendency of reducing female characters to orbiting moons rather than their very own planets, and the man cannot seem to understand why women are rather riled up at their depiction; who can forget that line where he tried to turn a critique ’round on the critiquer by claiming it was ‘anti-woman’ to be concerned about reducing female characters to mothers as though there was nothing else for women to do and it was impossible to be a mother and something else at the same time? (How could little ladybrains possibly manage dual tasks like that?!)

I mean, really. I rather wish the man would write a submarine drama or something just to give us a break from his attempts at female characters, because it would be a relief for us all. Maybe they’ve got an opening on Last Resort he could fill for a bit.

Be advised, my friends, that some discussions of recent plot events lie below!

My frustration with Moffat’s women manages to run across pretty much every one he touches, er, in a creative sense. And it’s irritating, because he’s got a knack for ruining perfectly fascinating, engaging, intriguing, and potentially wonderful women who could be taken along some truly fascinating storylines if they were given half a chance. It’s like he’s on a one-man quest to ruin everything good about the women in his work.

I know I’ll probably get rotten tomatoes thrown at me for this, but I’m not really a fan of Amy Pond. And that’s not her fault, but the fault of the way she’s written, as a constant foil for the Doctor and as yet another woman who falls hopelessly in love with him and doesn’t quite know when to quit.

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This woman is wonderful. Alyssa, we adore you! (Um, unless it isn’t okay for women to be adored anymore. Let us know, or don’t, because we don’t want to impose or make you mad or…)