Why Do People Still Try to Get Into TV When We Can Do It All on the Web?


Last week a smart and curious writer asked former M*A*S*H/CHEERS/FRASIER producer Ken Levine a very important question, and answered with something that quite simply is the Most Important Thing For Today’s New TV Writers to Know. So we’re posting it here, verbatim. Yeppers, no paraphrasing here. You can’t improve on, you know, perfection.

First, the question:

With production equipment and means of distribution (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) becoming so accessible, why would someone still try to “make it” in Hollywood, rather than carve out this new frontier of entertainment right where they’re at?

And now, that perfect answer thingie:

Honestly? Because that’s where the money still is. Most people who create web series hope they can ultimately sell them to networks. Will that change over the next few years? Who knows? It’s still the Wild West out there. But for the moment, the big conglomerates still hold the purse strings.

Read the whole post with lots of other Qs and As.

Now that that’s settled, whaddaya say we put on a show?!