Why Do Audiences Hate Scripted TV?

This really is something to worry about:

ncis with exwife

Ever wonder how to plagiarize without being called on it? The technique goes something like this:

The top 10 regularly scheduled television broadcasts of 2012 were dominated by sports and reality shows, with very little scripted programming represented, reports MediaPost’s MediaDailyNews.

Three of the top 10 regularly scheduled shows were sports, with NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” ranking No. 1 in total viewers, the story says. The NFL series has averaged 21.2 million viewers this season.

Fox’s “American Idol” holds the second and third spots with its two weekly airings (18 million for the Wednesday performance show and 16.5 million for the results show), while NBC’s pregame show for its “Sunday Night Football” is in fourth place with 15.7 million.

ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” holds fifth and sixth place with its two weekly airings, drawing an average of 15.5 million for the performance show and 13.9 million for the results show.

CBS’s “NCIS” is one of two scripted shows to make the list, placing seventh with an average of 13.6 million viewers. NBC’s “The Voice” holds eighth place, with 13.3 million.

In ninth place is the only cable series on the list: ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” with 13.2 million viewers.

CBS also has the only other scripted series in the top 10, the new drama “Vegas,” in 10th place with an average of 11.7 million viewers, the story says.

Cool, huh? But don’t thank us. This example is courtesy of one of the most helpful TV sites on the web: TVBizwire. Without it, we’d have to – gulp – think for ourselves. And you know the chaos that would bring. (Of course, we did find the above pic on our own. Thanks, CBS!)