Whew! We’re Safe!

Not that TVWriter™ has ever done anything like this…that we know of:

Embed All the Pirated Video You Want Because It’s Totally Legal – by  Adrian Covert

A few months back, porn studio Flava Works and the MPAA launched a legal campaign against site myVidster to outlaw the embedding of videos that weren’t uploaded with the permission of the copyright holders. Specifically Hypothetically, you could be punished for posting an old N*Sync video to you blog that wasn’t uploaded by Vevo (or whoever). Thankfully the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals struck that case down.

According to GigaOm, Judge Richard Posner says that because myVidster was not hosting the links, but merely pointing them to content, it infringed on no copyrights. He considered it akin to the New Yorker providing show listings to readers. Furthermore, he went out of his way to mention that viewing illegally uploaded videos was not copyright infringement either.

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By “Adrian Covert?” Hmm. Oh well, looks like everyone with a website and/or a browser is safe from the OldMedia stormtroopers…at least until another judge says something different.