Hulu is Reinventing Itself as a Genuine TV Alternative

…And may even succeed:

Hulu Presents Series that Inspired Homeland, British Comedies, Larry King Now 0 by Hanh Nguyen

“We’ve got an incredibly diverse audience. It’s big and getting bigger. That gives us a lot of latitude,” Hulu’s SVP of content Andy Forssell told the Television Critics Association during the fall previews on Tuesday.

Hulu’s new summer programming slate reflects that diversity. After launching its first original scripted series Battleground in February, Hulu is continuing its commitment to creating new programs and distributing curated content from around the web, networks and globe. Check out its summer lineup:

Prisoners of War

The nine-time Israeli Emmy Award-winning series starring Mili Avital and Ishai Golan inspired Showtime’s critically acclaimed Homeland.

“I play [Narit] the wife of the soldier who was kidnapped. We were engaged,” Avital said. “I eventually married his brother and we had a son. Seventeen years later, he was released. My character resonated a lot with Israeli audiences… my character represents the need to move on and begin a new life.,,”

Ishai Golan, who plays Uri, added, “It changed the face of Israeli TV… people told me how hard it was to watch. And although it was hard, they had to stay and watch it to the end. It took entertainment another step.”

Prisoners of War premiered on July 14 on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

Up to Speed

The wacky travel series stars Timothy “Speed” Levitch, a quirky real-life character whom Dazed and Confused filmmaker Richard Linklater discovered giving eccentric tours in D.C. To get an idea of what’s in store for viewers on Up to Speed, here’s a selection of colorful quotes from Speed himself…

Up to Speed premieres on Thursday, Aug. 9 on Hulu.

Larry King Now

The veteran TV and radio host takes his skills to the web with Larry King Now on Hulu. And although he’s switched to a different medium, he’s still able to attract willing interviewees, includingSeth MacFarlane, Meghan McCain, Betty White and Oliver Stone.

At 78, Larry King has embraced the idea of a series on Hulu, available to everyone, all the time. “It’s kind of a revolution to me,” he told reporters. “This is an unencumbered show… [Technology-wise], I’m an idiot. I don’t know how it works, but I’m enjoying it.”

King marveled at the impact that technology has had on broadcasting.

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Oh c’mon. We marvel at the impact of technology on broadcasting. Larry King marvels at the fact that he wakes up in the morning. But that’s the thing. We really do marvel at the viewing choices we now have. And, unless there’s a total socio-technological-economic meltdown we’re pretty certain that the best is yet to come.