What? There’s a LOONEY TUNES SHOW?

We didn’t know! We’ve got to see! But before we start searching, we also want to share what we just learned:


The Looney Tunes Show – Cartoons for Adults
by An Nicholson

WB’s ‘The Looney Tunes Show’ isn’t your childhood ‘Merry Melodies.’ It’s more a grown-up version of ‘Tiny Toons’ geared to the pop-culture-oriented adult.

There’s a difference between the old school Looney Tunes cartoons and Cartoon Network’sLooney Tunes Show. Although the old school WB cartoons focused on a child audience, with a secondary layer for adults, the new school Looney Tunes Show focuses on savvy adults while including comic pratfalls to entertain the elementary aged viewer. Basically, these contemporary cartoons are geared towards former Saturday morning watchers who want cartoons they can watch with their kids while the old school Merry Melodies were geared towards our younger selves with elements our parents could appreciate.

Cartoon Network’s Looney Tunes Show clearly targets an older audience while maintaining slapstick for the younger crowd. If you haven’t caught an episode, Bugs and Daffy are adult male roommates, a la Bert and Ernie, who handle dating while snarking on contemporary society. In the “Black Widow,” Daffy takes a spring vacation while Bugs recreates a 1930s mystery with his girlfriend, Lola. Is it like the original Tex Avery/Chuck Jones cartoons? No. The Looney Tunes Show is closer to its mid-90s WB cartoon siblings who used pop culture to comment on contemporary society for a more aware adult audience. There’s a great opening moment when…

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