What Should We Expect from Comedy Central in the Months to Come?

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We’re glad you asked. What? You didn’t? Of course you did. Cuz let’s face it. Until the New Paradigm (i.e., the get everything you want, when you want it, from where you want it and then watch it whenever and wherever you want to watch it way of doing business), Comedy Central is for many of us the absolute saving grace of contemporary cable TV.

Which is why we’re gonna tell you – in Comedy Central’s own words, of course since this is a cobbling together of a couple of their press releases – what CC is up to, both development and scheduling-wise.

Take it away, highly paid press agent writer types:

Comedy Central Web Series

Series Greenlights:

•     “Biatches” (Working Title)

Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov (writers on “Punk’d” and “Good Vibes”) wrote and star in this animated series about bad girls kicked out of middle school and forced to attend the Special Education Students program – but they’re not going to let that stop them from wreaking their raunchy brand of havoc.

•     “Idiotsitter”

Charlotte Newhouse and Jillian Bell (“Workaholics”) created and star in a show about a straight-and-narrow young woman (Newhouse) who is hired to babysit a mega-rich womanchild (Bell) who has been left alone in her daddy’s mansion under house arrest.

•     “The Midnight Beast”

Ashley Horne, Dru Wakely & Stefan Abingdon are hip-hop comedy group The Midnight Beast.  Already blowing up in the UK and on YouTube for their parody music videos, the guys are ready to leap across the pond and partner with CC:Studios.

•     “Pixelheads”

CC:Studios has partnered with GameTrailers to produce and distribute a video game focused animated sketch series. Segments feature Steve Agee, Rich Fulcher, Jordan Morris, Ron Funches, Brent Morin, Peter Giles, Andrew Bachelor, H. Michael Croner and Matt Cook.

•     “Strong Island”

Creators and co-stars Jon Gabrus and Justin Tyler portray two brothers living at home with their mom on Long Island.  This series is part of a multiplatform deal Gabrus and Tyler inked with Comedy Central.  Cast also includes Artemis Pebdani (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) and Kevin “Dot Com” Brown (“30 Rock”).

•     “Untitled Kurt Braunohler”

The Untitled Kurt Braunohler Project is a multi-format interview show where each guest is interviewed gonzo style in unexpected locations.

Series Renewals:

•     “Bro-Dependent” – Season 2

H. Michael Croner and Greg Worswick of the renowned Groundlings comedy troupe play Zack and Anderson – best friends who are equal parts douchebag, idiot and hopeless bromantic.

•     “This Is Not Happening” – Season 2

A long-form storytelling show hosted by Ari Shaffir, in which his comedian friends tell hilarious and true stories around a given theme. “This Is Not Happening” will also be distributed as audio episodes on Comedy Central Radio by Sirius XM, and will include exclusive interviews with talent.

•     “The Walsh Brothers’ Great & Secret Comedy Show” – Season 2

Professional goofballs Chris and Dave Walsh are at it again with their guerilla-style comedy show for season two. Innocent residents of Southern California will join them on their whimsical adventures, whether they want to or not

 Comedy Central  Cable Series in Production

CC-Current-Shows-CaptureRejoice, comedy fans. Comedy Central’s still got it.

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