So there’s this guy named Jon Negroni who writes a blog called The New Professional aimed at – yeppers, we swear – newbies in the workplace, with an emphasis on young middle class pre-executives. The site is loaded with helpful info for those just embarking on their careers and thoughtful reviews of social media and Hollywood entertainment happenings.

We’re utterly entranced by the place. Mainly cuz we fit perfectly into the target demo and find it helpful as hell. We think you might also. So here’s a sample:

screen-shot-2013-06-19-at-11-04-09-amby Jon Negroni

Have you ever had that realization that you hate your profession?

I’m not talking about dissatisfaction with your job, just that unfulfilled feeling you may get when you think about what it is you actually do.

Whether you’re a lawyer, writer, accountant, teacher, entrepreneur, or whatever else, you’ve probably felt this before. And it’s terrifying, isn’t it?

As human beings, we want to make sure that every move we make is going to shape into something desirable as our lives march on. Most of us are well aware that the decisions we make in our 20s will influence the rest of our lives.

After all, most of our “big” decisions happen in our 20s. Who will I marry? What career do I choose? When will I have kids? Will I take out a mortgage?

See what I mean?

No matter where you fall in your lifetime, however, you’re likely to have doubts about what you do. In college, most people switch their majors 2 or 3 times before landing on the one they want. We typically pick the first job that is offered to us without really acknowledging the trajectory of that career.

If you’re at the point where you don’t love what you do, then what can you do?

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