Want a TV Writing Job? Look No Further–


Just as a lark – not cuz we need us a job, oh no, not us – we did a little googling to see what might be available on the interwebs in the way of television writing jobs, and guess what? We found us some.

And, unlike some TV writing gigs, which demand that the writer live in L.A., these are for peeps who want to live elsewhere. (Which is mainly why we’re forwarding them. Cuz we just spent a whole lotta time and effort moving into our shabby Burbank digs and can’t even think about going to, you know Minnesota or even Seattle.


TV Writers Wanted Gigs
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Promotion Writer/Producer, KSTP-TV, Advertising/Promotion
KSTP-TV, LLC – Minnesota

Producer – Senior
KOMO TV – 1100 – Seattle, WA

Part-time writer-video editor
WLUK – Green Bay, WI

Promotion Writer/Producer WSB-TV
Cox Television  229 reviews – Atlanta, GA

Hearst Television Inc. – Louisville, KY – +1 location

Writer/Reporter, Yahoo!
Yahoo! Inc.  – Santa Monica, CA

We found these gigs and more at Indeed.Com, so it wouldn’t hurt ya to click on over and check out the latest listings. Unless you want to be in L.A., of course.