TVWriter™ Top Posts for the Week Ending 6/13/14

62nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Show

Here they are, the most viewed TVWriter™ posts during the past week:

Want to See Some Commissioned Professional Pilot Scripts?

Public Sitcom Pilot Readings! Tonight!

LB: What’s With the Rape Scenes on LOUIE?

Kathryn Graham: The Best Sci-Fi Show You (Probably) Aren’t Watching

What Kind of $$$ Do Your Favorite TV Writers Make?

And our most viewed resource pages were:

Writing the Dreaded Outline



The Teleplay

The Logline

Oh, look. our Beloved Leader LB’s article on outline writing is back at the top of our most-read pages list. That must mean things are back to normal. But don’t despair, People’s Pilot junkies – we’ll be announcing Semi-Finalists soon, like in a couple of weeks. And the Spec Scriptacular will be opening July 1st.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone for making this such a great week, and don’t forget to read what you missed, re-read what you loved, and, most importantly, come back for more soon!

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