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Lately, TeamTVWriter has been happy dancing all over the place because the TVWriter™ site revamp has been so successful. Eyeballs! Eyeballs everywhere! (And not an optometrist on-site! Get it? Get it?)

But we digress…

There is, however, one teensy weensy fly in the ointment. An Acme Load O’New Visitors means half an Acme Load O’Peeps Who Probably Don’t Know All That We Have to Offer. Because we’re more than just hipsterish blog posts with spiffy pics of arcane people, places, things, thoughts, and ideas which, if you squint just right (there’s the eyeball thing again) can be related to our general topic of TV writing.

We’re the First All Television Writing All the Time resource on the web. Having been around since the mid-’90s.

Almost 20 years?


We’re also the only television writing site on the web presided over by someone with the zillions (okay, we exaggerate just a little) of writing and producing credits of Our Feckless Leader, Good Ole…um…who? Oh, right, LB. The guy’s been around. Done just about everything. Knows or is known by everyone (okay, so there’s that minimal exaggeration thingie again).

What we’re trying to say is that in addition to what’s in our posts, there also is a mountain of info on our pages, and we hope you’ll avail yourselves of the info and insight available on in the Index to the right of every entry. Including:

And don’t forget this baby:

Check us out. All of us.