TVWriter™ Holiday Weekend Alert!

4th-of-july-600x467Turns out that even the most jaded, snarky, negatively-minded minions (yeppers, that would be us) want time off for the Fourth of July.

It took a little convincing (don’t worry, LB lovers, the bruises we gave him won’t show unless you’re on, you know, more intimate terms with him than most folks we know), but starting today and continuing through Sunday TVWriter™ posts will be appearing per our slightly more limited Weekend Article Presentation Schedule instead of our usual weekly amount.

But have no fear, we’ll be back at full strength on Monday…assuming we still possess enough digits to manipulate the keyboard after having to set off our own fireworks because our local municipalities have cancelled their usual holiday displays.  (Goddam Budget sequester crap has caused all kinds of fun stuff to get shitcanned this year. And we were so sure that it wouldn’t affect our happy hobbity lives!)7_-_costume

Hmm, “Weekend Article Presentation Schedule.” Sounds kinda cool, yes? Maybe Mama had something there when she said we should forget writing and become bureaucrats.

But seriously, folks, from LB, munchman & Team TVWriter™:

Happy 4th of July!

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